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European-style UTS Quartz Movements



UTS quartz movements         





11mm shaft -  Short  £3.50 
13mm shaft -  Medium-Short            £3.50 
16mm shaft -  Medium  £3.50 
21mm shaft  -  Long shaft  £3.50 
26mm shaft -  Extra-Long  £3.50 
16mm shaft - Medium  £4.50 
21mm shaft - Long  £4.50  



Chinese-style quartz movement


16mm shaft   -  Medium  £7.99 
21mm shaft -  Long  £7.99 
26mm shaft  -  Extra-Long            £7.99 




Euroshaft Eurofit Hands   Euroshaft Eurofit Hands


  LENGTH      DESIGN      COLOUR    PRICE     
25mm Spade Black  £2.25 
32mm Serpentine Black  £2.50 
35mm Baton Black  £1.95 
35mm Baton Silver  £1.95 
40mm Spade Black  £1.99 
42mm Louis XIV Black  £4.00 
45mm Spade Black  £1.99 
45mm Spade Gold  £1.99 
45mm Spade Silver  £1.99 
45mm Serpentine Black  £2.50 
48mm Baton Black  £1.99 
48mm Baton Gold  £1.99 
60mm Spade Black  £1.99 
60mm Spade Gold  £1.99 
60mm Spade Silver  £1.99 
60mm Serpentine Black  £2.50 
60mm Serpentine Gold  £2.50 
63mm Spade Black  £1.99 
63mm Spade Gold  £1.99  
70mm Serpentine Black  £2.65  
70mm Serpentine Gold  £2.65  
73mm Spade Black  £2.25 
80mm Baton Black  £1.99 
80mm Baton Gold  £1.99 
80mm Baton Silver  £1.99 
80mm Serpentine Black  £2.75 
80mm Serpentine Gold  £2.75 
85mm Spade Black  £2.50 
85mm Spade Gold  £2.50 
85mm Spade Silver  £2.50 
100mm Spade Black  £2.75 
100mm Spade Gold  £2.75 
103mm Baton Black  £2.25 
103mm Baton Gold  £2.25 
103mm Baton Silver  £2.25 
103mm Serpentine Black  £2.75 
103mm Serpentine Gold  £2.75 
110mm Spade Black  £2.75 
110mm Baton Black  £2.45 
125mm Baton Black  £2.50 
125mm Baton Gold  £2.50 
125mm Baton Silver  £2.50 
137mm Spade Black  £3.75 
145mm Baton Black  £2.99 
150mm Baton Black  £4.25